Free Crossbow Building Plans

Crossbow Building Plans

These crossbow building plans will focus on how to make a repeating crossbow. But for beginners and expert crossbowmen alike, this is just perfect. After all, a repeating crossbow promises to shoot five shots in five seconds…accurately! This crossbow has a magazine on top that can be pre-loaded with the quarrels. This same technique is utilized in the equally accurate rifles with their cartridges at the bottom.

Free Crossbow Plans

A repeating crossbow’s stock houses all mechanisms that make it a repeating crossbow. The stock should be patterned after the rifle or shotgun that you’re most comfortable with. Patterning it after a shotgun is better because of the pump slide as seen on figure 1. Check out the image to what the right hand is holding. That is the pump slide that will serve as the repeating mechanism and just like in a shotgun, that will be at the bottom half of the barrel. You can also see the brass runners for the pump slide in both figures 1 and 2.

It’s important to note that both top and bottom half of the barrel will have parts cut off to make way for the bowstring slot. This is unlike most crossbows where the string is on top of the stock. For this project, the string will be in between the two halves so there should be a slot for it. You can see the slot in both figures 2 and 3.

Another important part of the slot is the brass runners. These 3 ½ inch runners are soldered along the edges of the stock. You can see it clearly in figure 2 at the bottom half of the barrel. You have to make sure that the runners are perfectly aligned with the magazine’s inner edges.

Obviously, the magazine plays an important part in this project. Take a look at the magazine in figure 2. It’s on top of the crossbow and as you can see, the quarrels are loaded by placing them inside the magazine. You have to make sure that the inner linings are perfectly aligned with the inner linings of the insides of the barrels to make sure that the quarrels are loaded properly in firing position. You should also smoothen the insides of the magazine to a more rounded shape to make sure that the quarrels will fall into firing position.

Free Crossbow Building Plans

You can see the barrel in details in the top picture. You can see the top half that houses the magazine and the bottom half that houses the brass runners and the trigger. You can see the grooves in both half for the quarrels. You can also see the details of the pump slide and the top view of the magazine with quarrels in it. The dimensions are also given at the side-view image of the stock and you can also see how it’s patterned after a shotgun.

Take a look at the lower-right image and you’ll see how the pump slide works with the brass runners and the trigger. You may have wondered if the pump slide will get in the way of the string when cocked. This is the reason why you have to lower the front end of the pump slide just like in the 2nd image. As you can see, the front end of the pump slide will join with the back end of the barrel’s brass runners. A quarrel will be loaded onto the string as you do this action. Pulling the trigger will push the slide downwards and that will release the string together with the quarrel.

Free Plans

The following crossbow building plans show the finished repeating crossbow and the quarrel and its groove where the string latches to at the bottom image. The upper left-hand image shows the housing for the bow and it’s highly recommended that you use lemonwood, hickory or yew with at least a 30 pound pull. The image on the upper right is the trigger guard so that only the trigger itself is accessible. Make sure you practice shooting with blunt quarrels and you’ll be shooting 5 quarrels in 5 seconds in no time.