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I’m an avid fan of the crossbow. Of course, there are those who have their reasons both for, and against the crossbow for hunting, but I’m totally bias.

Automatic CrossbowBack when I was a child I used to make crossbows out of all sorts of materials around the house. My father, a builder, always had odd pieces of wood laying around from which I could craft various designs from. I tried many different types of materials for the bow, as well as using a fixed bow and elastic material for the draw-string. Perhaps my favorite materials for the elasticated string were shanghai elastics. It is a sort of flesh colored tube that is extremely elastic and when many are combined proved extremely powerful.

Of course, no elasticated string will match a wooden, or glass bow, and with this also, I have experimented comprehensively. Spring steel proved quite successful, as well as various fiberglass compositions. Wood, especially when sandwiched together can make very powerful bows.

PVC, wood, steel, old springs, and other such simple, easily obtainable materials form the basis of your build.

Ultimately, It comes down to your personal tastes, and materials available to what direction you may want to take your build.

Most crossbows are single firing, however, throughout history (and a few in my own garage), there have been possibly hundreds of multi-shooting designs. Incorporating a repeater-type top lever actions, winding actions, and with even more modern designs making use of some electro-mechanical reloading and drawing feature, there are some very interesting options to consider for the home crossbow builder.

Building your own crossbow is definitely a very rewarding hobby. Personally, I have spent countless hours experimenting and building various designs. If making crossbows is something you’re interested in yourself. I’m glad you’ve found my website.

Enjoy the various article, don’t be afraid to participate, and good luck!